Welcome to my blog! I am very excited to be able to share my knowledge and experiences on one of my favorite eCommerce topics, product creation and online selling.

But first, let me tell you about myself. Ever since I can remember, I loved selling. My older brothers and sister would send me door-to-door selling chocolate bars for their school trips, or I would sign up to sell seeds and other products in the back of the comic books (which kind of tells you how old I am). When I was a little older, for my thirteenth birthday, I asked for business cards and started selling military collectibles through ads. In college, I sold stuff at flea markets, and after graduating with a degree in health care, I slowed down by selling to ficus in my profession, creating practices, and treating patients. But in 1996, I bought my first computer and discovered Ebay. I sold stuff on it for fun and, over the years, sold collectibles as a side business to my profession for fun. In 2014, I really discovered selling on Amazon and soon created my first product and became hooked. I semi-retired from my profession in 2015 and began focusing on selling on Amazon, and my passion for product creation and selling has never waned. I guess you could say it has become a bit of a passion.

I have gained a lot of knowledge along the way and met a lot of interesting and really great people. And now I hope to meet you and not just be able to share the things I have learned, but to learn even more from you.

As I always say, “Knowledge is the key!”