I know that, unless you have had the experience of creating your own products, it seems like a daunting experience and is only for professionals. But as you go through the process, you will see that it can be much easier and a lot more fun than you would expect.

The product creation that I will be discussing in my blogs is not about creating a new, never-before-seen product from scratch (although many of my principles are the same), but finding and selling existing products and creating your own versions. This is somewhat different from private-labeling a product. We are not going to take an existing product and put our own brand name on it and try to sell it with the other dozens of the same exact products with just different names. We will take many steps above this method to take this basic low-hanging fruit concept of product creation to a higher-valued product that will give you an edge above the competition.

To be honest, unless you are super tech-savvy, an engineer, or really have your pulse on the newest trends, finding a completely new product that has never been seen before is really difficult. And add to that, one that can sell. I have talked to many entrepreneurs who have basements and garages full of boxes with non-selling products. But using my methods of product creation, you will find it easier and hopefully more profitable.

Have you ever seen a product and said it was not good or that changes you would make to it would make it work better? This is where your own product creation comes in. The basic idea is to find selling products and improve them, then create your own label design and launch them to sell. In my blog, I will discuss the triumphs and failures I have had in doing this and give you tips and resources that will help you create and market your own products. You’ll be proud to show them to your friends and family, and you’ll see sales as a result.

If you have a tested plan based on what can work, you will find product creation much faster, easier, and much more fun, with fewer potential risks and possibly bigger rewards. Follow my blogs and I will discuss all the things I have learned and I will give you tips and resources I have acquired since my launch on Amazon in 2014. You will hear about my triumphs and my failures and everything I learned from both to help me improve the process.

Now, why do you want to create your own products? For everyone, it is different. The need to improve something you use, to create a business and income, for the fun of it, and to be creative can be some of the options (and in my case, all of them). But whatever your reasons are, let me help you find your way. Sign up for my email list to learn when I publish, and I promise they will be informative and filled with tips and resources to help you.

As I say, “Knowledge is the key”!

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